John Wick, What If, Whiplash, Obvious Child, Shadow of Mordor, Weekend Picks

We’ve got a ton to catch up on, so it’s a mega mini review week! We exchange mini reviews, with Logan covering John Wick, Whiplash, and the video game Shadow of Mordor, and Bob hitting What If and Obvious Child.

In weekend picks, Logan will be watching two HBO shows: Getting On and, yes, The Newsroom. Bob declares Interstellar the week’s movie pick.

Let’s rock!

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Logan Beaux


  1. Bob, watch Whiplash. It will get you excited for Sundance in Feb. Whiplash won this year’s Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award for dramatic film at SFF. Kinda cool to see more films making their way from festivals to "theaters everywhere." Another example is Art & Copy. I bet you’ll enjoy that even more.

    For some reason this episode kept stopping on me. (Maybe it’s because I have 30 tabs open in Google Chrome browser and I’m on a mac).

    I’m curious, how do you get such good recorded audio at a distance? This can’t be skype or cell…

    • Hey Tom! Ok, now I definitely have to watch Whiplash… As for the recording, while we use Skype to talk to each other, we both record our vocal tracks locally with Audacity and then splice them together after. It sounds way better than the Skype call we’re actually having. 🙂

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