Automata, Meet the Mormons, The Bridge, Weekend Picks

This week we review a movie with one of the better sci-fi premises we can remember: Automata Does it follow through on that promise? Why does Antonio Banderas play a French(?) dude named Jacq?

Bob saw and mini reviews Meet the Mormons. Is it worth seeing if you’re not Mormon? Even if you are?

Logan mini reviews the second season of The Bridge. Did the show learn from its first-season errors? 

In weekend picks, Logan pitches Bob on getting into the Top Chef game, and mentions Jane the Virgin and The Walking Dead. Bob throws out lots of movies, including Fury, Birdman, Listen Up, Philip, and Felony, but as usual, we haven’t decided which is our pick yet.

Let’s rock!

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Logan Beaux


  1. You went to the Dogfish Head brew pub!!!!! You had me at Rehoboth. Dude, I am so jealous and proud of you.

  2. Aw yeah! A fellow Dogfish Head fan? Let’s call an impromptu high school reunion and hold it there. You in, Bob??

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