Short Term 12, Dallas Buyers Club, Weekend Picks

Bob’s away, so Logan invites some guests on the podcast this week. 

Adam’s up first, covering Short Term 12 in our full movie review. Brie Larson’s been killing it in everything indie lately, and this is no exception. 

Shannon previews her stint on this week’s TV recaps with an appearance to riff on Dallas Buyers Club in today’s mini review.

Bob calls in for our weekend picks, where the Superbowl pretty much dominates this week TV-wise, and we try to figure out, as fans of Jason Reitman, whether Labor Day will be worth watching or if its January release date means the studio knows something we don’t.

Let’s rock!


Her, Enough Said, Weekend Picks

We finally got around to watching Her, and boy are we glad we did! Listen and find out why it gets Bob’s vote for best screenplay and it rises to the top of Logan’s movies list for 2013. 

Bob mini reviews Enough Said (which Logan also saw), and while both of us liked it, we have different parts that didn’t quite work for us.

Weekend picks are rather lukewarm this week, with a couple TV shows that might  be worth your time (and might not) in Black Sails and Rake. And we think about whether Aaron Eckhart and Bill Nighy are enough to get us to see I, Frankenstein. 

Let’s rock!


Frozen, Despicable Me 2, Weekend Picks

Bob’s been on vacation, which mean he’s seeing animated movies this week! But we’ll give you the down and dirty anyway. How subversive is Frozen, really? How about its merit as a musical? We tackle that and more in our full movie review.

Bob also gives us a mini review of Despicable Me 2, complete with adorable yellow minions! Which of these two shows would he sooner show his (hypothetical!) kids?

It’s another big week for returning TV, with HBO’s Looking and Real Time with Bill Maher. And Sherlock is back too, for those of you who like British TV.

Let’s rock!


Final Fall/Winter TV and Movies Power Rankings, Red 2, The To-Do List, Mr. Selfridge, Weekend Picks

It’s January and we’re back at it. After emptying the reservoir of movies last week, we turn to our final Fall/Winter Power Rankings in both TV and movies. Find out which TV show and which movie made it to #1. And let us us know if there are any surprises!

We announce our next two TV recap shows: Girls season 3, and the new HBO show True Detective. Both start this Sunday, as we cover in weekend picks, along with Shameless, the third member of Showtime’s big three, according to Logan.

Bob brings us mini reviews of Red 2, The To-Do List, and Mr. Selfridge.

Let’s rock!



The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Inside Llewyn Davis, Weekend Picks

A three-movie special podcast episode! Logan and Bob break down three of December’s most interesting movies: The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, and Inside Llewyn Davis.

Is there something appealing about Jordan Belfort’s life in Wolf? Could we maybe pull it off better than he did? 

Was everyone in American Hustle as nails as Christian Bale’s Irv? Or were the others more uneven?

Inside Llewyn Davis has a lot of self-imposed failure. Is that a little wearing, or does it make the movie awesome?

TV’s picking up: this week’s picks include Downton Abbey, Justified, and Logan’s guilty pleasure The Bachelor. Movies are in a bit of a lull. Use the time to catch up!

Let’s rock.