12 Years a Slave, Eastbound and Down, Midseason Movies Rankings, Weekend Picks

Logan and Bob reach back a few weeks for Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave. Is it as good as everyone is saying? How will it do come Oscars time? Does it feel like homework?

Logan mini reviews the fourth season of Eastbound and Down. What is it about Kenny Powers, anyway? 

Bob revisits recent and upcoming movies in his midseason power rankings.

In weekend picks, Amazon Prime is releasing a second comedy, Betas, and the guys choose The Hunger Games: Catching Fire for next week’s full review.

Let’s rock!


Thor: The Dark World, White House Down, Suits, Midseason TV Power Rankings, Weekend Picks

Thor: The Dark World is up first as our full movie review. Is Thor the most boring comic book hero ever? How does this one compare to the last Thor movie?

Bob gives mini reviews of White House Down and Suits season 1.

Logan runs down the mideason TV power rankings, updating the list with changes since the preseason rankings.

Weekend Picks include Amazon’s Alpha House, and the guys decide to reach back for next week’s full review: 12 Years a Slave.

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Ender’s Game, Weekend Picks

Today we start with one of the biggest movies of the year–at least for us, personally: Ender’s Game. We give it a special review, along with some thoughts and memories on Orson Scott Card and on our experiences growing up. Which parts of us liked the movie more, the fans or the critics?

We finish with the usual weekend picks, and select next week’s full review: Thor: The Dark World. 

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