The Counselor, Stuck In Love, Weekend Picks

It’s one of those landmark shows: a huge disparity in Logan’s and Bob’s ratings for this week’s movie! The funny thing is, we agree with each other’s points, but we come to different final conclusions. Which of us didn’t like The Counselor, while the other liked it quite a lot?  

Bob gives his mini review of Stuck In Love, and Logan recommends the French import TV show The Returned on the Sundance Channel. 

And we choose next week’s full review: Ender’s Game.

Let’s rock!



Captain Phillips, Weekend Picks

The show’s up! And we start with a big discrepancy in ratings for our reviews of Captain Phillips. Did it seem shorter than its 2 hours and 15 minutes? How were the other characters’ stories, including the pirates’, portrayed? And which of us thought it was okay and which of us thought it was great?

And as usual we give you our weekend picks. Let’s rock!



Gravity, Weekend Picks

We kick things off with a full review of Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. Is there a difference between being impressive and being great? Does Sandra Bullock finally win Bob over?

And, of course, the usual weekend picks. Let’s rock!