Mini Reviews, Preseason Movie Power Rankings, Weekend Picks, Breaking Bad, The Bridge

We’re back with another show! Scheduling and technical difficulties threatened to derail us, but we put on our high heels and modeled through it. 

We jump straight into mini reviews this week. Bob saw Tai Chi Hero and Logan saw Les Miserables. And it’s Bob’s turn for his Fall/Winter preview, breaking down the upcoming movies.

Breaking Bad is up next, as we recap a stomach churner of an episode. How did they deal with last week’s cliffhanger? Which of us is getting back on board with the praise (and which of us isn’t)? 

We close with our recap of The Bridge, which is turning into a completely different show than we thought at the beginning.

Come back next week when we wrap up The Newsroom and Ray Donovan.

Let’s rock!



The Spectacular Now, Mini Reviews, Preseason TV Power Rankings, Weekend Picks, Breaking Bad, The Bridge, The Newsroom, Ray Donovan

Huge show! The guys reach back and pluck a summer movie from a few weeks back for their full review: The Spectacular Now. Does it live up to the hype? Which was better, the high school romance or the coming of age?

Logan previews the Fall/Winter TV season with his preseason power rankings. Check it out to get you ready for what’s coming!

And, of course, we’re still recapping four(!) TV shows. We both thought Breaking Bad’s intense cliff hanger masked some flaws this week, The Bridge is gaining momentum, The Newsroom is almost done, and Logan kinda liked Ray Donovan (Bob less so).

Plus the usual mini reviews and weekend picks. Let’s rock!



Closed Circuit, Mini Reviews, Power Rankings, Weekend Picks, Breaking Bad, The Bridge

Another big show this week! Closed Circuit is up first. Did it overcome Logan’s initial worry it would be boring? Did it live up to Bob’s expectations as an international suspense thriller?

It’s also the end of the Summer season. Bob runs down his top ten movies and Logan gives his top five TV shows in our final season power rankings.

We end with our TV recaps: Is Breaking Bad hiccuping a bit? Does Walt actually have principles? And now we’re getting somewhere with the Bridge.

Plus the usual mini reviews and weekend picks. Let’s rock!