The Wolverine, Weekend Picks, The Bridge, The Newsroom, Ray Donovan

Hey, X-Men fans! The Wolverine is this week’s full movie review, and has the honor of getting the same star rating from both of us. How does Wolverine fare in Japan? What does the ending have in common with Pacific Rim and . . . Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(!?!)? 

And stick around for our weekend picks and a big slate of TV recaps: the Bridge, the Newsroom, and Ray Donovan.



The East, Mini Reviews, Weekend Picks, the Bridge, the Newsroom

Since none of the movies last week excited us, we reached back and chose the indie flick the East  for our full review. Can Brit Marling write AND act? How does the movie fare against other summer movies? We break it all down for you.

Mini reviews are Killing Them Softly and the first season of Defiance. And we give our movie-heavy weekend picks.

We finish with our recaps of the Bridge (yay!) and the Newsroom (meh).



Pacific Rim, Mini Reviews, the Newsroom, the Bridge, Ray Donovan

So much great stuff this week! Wondering how Pacific Rim fares without any big movie stars? How does it stack up against del Toro’s other movies? We start with our full movie review!

Then stay tuned for our mini reviews and three(!) TV recaps: the Bridge and the Newsroom are new this week, and Ray Donovan might be the odd man out in the now crowded field–let us know if you want us to keep recapping Ray Donovan.



The Way, Way Back, Mini Reviews, Weekend Picks, Ray Donovan

We have a new reigning champ for current Practically Culture movie of the summer! Both Logan and Bob gave the Way, Way Back the highest rating of any movie we’ve seen this summer. But one of us liked it even more than the other, naturally.

Mini reviews this week are Spring Breakers (another disagreement!), Trance, Side Effect, and seasons one and two of Scandal. In our weekend picks we talk about the big week in TV and next week’s full movie review: Pacific Rim.

We end with a recap/review of the second episode of Ray Donovan. 



The Heat, Mini Reviews, Summer Power Rankings, Weekend Picks, Ray Donovan Pilot

We do these things so you don’t have to, friends. This week, Bob and I brave the multiplex to see the Heat. What made Bob give it a lukewarm “like”? Can Logan make sense of his low rating despite having some good things to say about it?

This week’s mini reviews are Quartet (2013) and the TV miniseries Top of the Lake.  It’s time we visited our early Summer Power Rankings for both movies and TV. And we both make our weekend entertainment picks.

Finally, we recap the pilot episode of Ray Donovan. Does it live up to its ambitions? Will it secure a permanent place in our recaps?