Mad Men Finale and Wrap Up, World War Z Full Review, Mini Reviews, Weekend Picks

Mad Man is over for another year. Amid the despair, on the bright side, Shannon joins Logan and Bob to break it down. 

Was Don’s work up to snuff this season? Did he deserve what happened to him–at the office, with his family? We’ll tell you everything.

Plus: MVP and other Mad Men season-end awards, a full review of World War Z, mini reviews of Headhunters, the Bling Ring, Orphan Black, Reasons to Be Happy, and weekend picks.


Game of Thrones, Mad Men, the Internship, Mini Reviews, Weekend Picks

It’s the Game of Thrones finale! Shannon joins us again to wrap up the season. She sticks around to talk about a great Mad Men episode.

Logan and Bob then turn to the clunker of a movie, the Internship. (Short version: don’t see it.)

Mini reviews of the Sessions (2012), the Impossible (2012), and the Killing Season 1.

And, of course, our weekend entertainment picks.